Saani Power (Pvt) Ltd

Executors of 40.32 MW Harigehl Majeedgala Hydropower Project (HMHPP)

Saani Power (Pvt) Ltd was established in August 2012 with industries department of GOAJ&K under the Companies Ordinance 1984. Saani power was issued with LOI (Letter of Interest) on 28th of February, 2013 to execute 40.32 MW Hydro Power Project which the company is executing with great fervor on time bound conditions.

Saani Power is part of Y-K Group of Companies, which has been granted the rights to develop the hydro project in Private Sector on BOOT basis as a Special Purpose Vehicle by the GoAJK.

Project Location

The project area mostly lies in District Poonch of AJ&K. The power house is situated near Khad Bazar about 5 Kms from Dhalkot Bridge on Dhalkot – Bagh Road towards Arja. An unpaved road leads to the power house location near Nam-gala Bridge. The travel time to power house location is about 2½ hrs from Islamabad.

Road Link

The shortest & all weather access road to the project area from Islamabad is via main Islamabad-Kotli Sattian-Dhalkot-Bagh Road with about 2 ½ hrs travelling time from Islamabad.

Project Structures

Major project structures include a diversion weir, intake portal, connecting channel, Sand-trap, low pressure headrace tunnel, surge chamber , pressure shaft, pressure tunnel, underground powerhouse and a free flow tailrace tunnel to discharge the outflows back into Mahl River. An access tunnel is provided for handling of plant and equipment transportation to the power house.

Project Status

Saani Power, after the issuance of LOI, has worked very hard and sought following approvals:

  • Feasibility Study Report (FSR)
  • Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) & Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Land Acquisition under Section – 4 for Districts of Bagh and Poonch (Rawalakot)
  • Grid Interconnection Study (GIS)
  • Power Evacuation and Power Absorption Certificate from IESCO and moving forward to achieve other time bound goals.

Project Salient Features

The project layout is by and large located on the left bank of Mahal River i.e. District Poonch except a small portion of diversion weir which falls in the District Bagh. The diversion weir is un-gated over flow structure with under sluice arrangement for sediment flushing. The weir has been planned with a crest elevation of 842 m above MSL.

  • Design discharge: 20 m3/sec

  • Net Head: 240 m

  • Headrace tunnel: 7.1Km

  • Cross Sectional Area of tunnel ( Internal): 15.90m2

  • Type of tunnel Section: Horse shoe type

  • Length of the Tunnel: 7100m

  • Lining: Partially Lined

Surge Tank
  • Diameter: 10m
  • Height: 38m
  • Pressure Shaft & Pressure Tunnel diameter: 2.5m
  • Length of pressure shaft and tunnel: 447m
Power House
  • Type: Caveran/ semi underground
  • Length: 80.0m
  • Width: 21.0m
  • Access: Tunnel length 800m
  • Tailrace: Tunnel length 1247m
Electro Mechanical
  • Type of Turbine: Pelton wheel horizontal Axis, 300 rpm
  • No. of Generating Units: Four (04) 10.08 MW each
  • Installed Capacity: 40.32MW
  • Annual Energy Generated: 231.132 GWh
  • Net electrical output at bus bar (NEO): 229.974GWh
  • Firm power (95 % of the time): 8.074 MW
  • Plant Factor: 65.44%
  • Generation Voltage: 11KV
  • Voltage Dispatch: 132KV

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